Ben Page

Friday 10:00am - Page Duke Landscape Architects

Growing up in Tennessee, Ben Page gleaned knowledge of the land, natural systems, and horticulture during a childhood spent on his grandparents' and great grandparents' farms, long before he considered landscape architecture as a career. While he was pursuing a medical education with the intent of becoming a doctor, fate intervened and he discovered a passion for his chosen field. Specializing in residential landscape architecture, his work is richly detailed and often incorporates a deep combination of historical influences interpreted for the 21st century. Ben Page loves interacting with clients, and highly values the relationships that evolve during a project. He also considers it his great fortune to have had clients who deeply share his passion. As his work has evolved, the influence of his farm roots has begun to assert itself more often, and he has become more involved in horse farm management, hunting plantation management and master planning for environmentally based communities. His work has been published nationally and featured on HGTV, and has received numerous awards. He received his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree with honors in 1973 from the University of Georgia.

Andrea Wulf

Friday 6:00pm - Andrea's Website

Andrea Wulf is the author of five acclaimed books. The Brother Gardeners won the American Horticultural Society 2010 Book Award and her books Founding Gardeners and The Invention of Nature were on the New York Times Best Seller List.  Andrea has written for many newspapers including the Guardian, LA Times, WSJ, The Atlantic and New York Times.  In 2014 she co-presented a four-part BBC TV garden series and she appears regularly on radio.  The Invention of Nature won numerous awards in Europe and the US, including the Royal Society Science Book Prize 2016 (Nature Conservancy) and the LA Times Book Prize 2016.  It was chosen as 10 Best Books of 2015 in the New York Times and will be published in 23 countries.

Ms. Wulf will focus on ideas explores in her recent publication, Founding Gardeners. This beautifully illustrated talk looks at the lives of the founding fathers and explores how their attitude to plants, gardens, nature and agriculture shaped the American nation.  George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison regarded themselves foremost as farmers and plantsmen.  For them, gardening, agriculture and botany were elemental passions, as deeply ingrained in their characters as their belief in liberty for the nation they were creating. In a unique retelling of the creation of America, award-winning historian Andrea Wulf will show how plants, politics and personalities intertwined as never before.

Philippe de Boncourt

Saturday 6:00pm


Philippe de Boncourt is a garden architect born in the north of France, a direct descendant of the Marquis de Lafayette. He was raised at the Chateau de Humeroeuille which is still a family residence.  Philippe has designed many gardens large and small in Belgium including part of the Chateau de Wespelaar for the heiress of Stella Artois and for formula 1 driver Jacky Icks. He created a magical garden in the heart of Brussels for renowned designer Christophe de Carpentris transforming a  former school into an enchanting space. 

Philippe has worked in numerous countries interpreting different climates which challenge his design and plants selection. His gardens flourish in the Bahamas, Corsica, Germany, Greece, Ireland, France, Switzerland and the United States. He is currently engaged in an important  project in Conporta, Portugal where he placed a house and buildings to create an outside living environment from bare dunes. Phillipe's work has been featured in the books; Les Jardins de Belgique, Mer du Nord and Les Jardins en Flandre, as well as in Elle Decoration, Figaro Magazine, Mon jardin-Ma Maison, La revue Week-end, Libre Belgique, L’ Eventail, and Keeneland Magazine. Philippe will lecture on his vision, inspiration and creation of his ways of interpreting his first impression on a site.

Tom Kimmerer

Saturday 10:00am - Tom's Website

Tom Kimmerer, PhD, is a scientist, author and photographer.  He is Chief Scientist at Venerable Trees, Inc., a conservation nonprofit based in Lexington Kentucky.  As Chief Scientist, he works with landowners and with other scientists and natural resource management professionals to ensure a future for the woodland pastures of Kentucky and Tennessee. Kimmerer has a B.S. in Forest Biology (Botany) from SUNY ESF and a PhD in both forestry and botany, with a specialization in tree physiology and biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He has done research and taught tree physiology, forest biology and urban forestry in the United States, Indonesia and Malaysia, and was a faculty member at the University of Kentucky. He was a Senior Fulbright Scholar in Malaysia. He has been an advisor and consultant on environmental and forestry issues for the governments of Malaysia and Indonesia, the American-Malaysian Chamber of Commerce, the Electric Power Research Institute, LG&E-Kentucky Utilities, and other organizations.

He is the author of Venerable Trees - History, Biology and Conservation, and is working on a second book on the lives of trees in the Anthropocene. Kimmerer is a writer for American Forests, Planet Experts, and other publications.